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hey handsome. 

you’re out watching the titanic right now, and i’m at home waiting for you to come back. i can’t sleep anyway, without you here, and i miss the fuck out of you. god i hope you can come here tomorrow, i am so so so nervous. i’m watching harry potter though, and making sure that i don’t lay down. i’m also painting my nails, eating a sandwich, and typing you this wall post, as well as my english paper that’s due on tuesday. oh yeah, haven’t even really started, yeah. i hope to god that you can come here tomorrow, i know i already said that, but what are you gonna do, right? just love me, hopefully. COME HOME. i fucking wanna sleep on the phone with you. you need to tell me about the shit that went down with kevin, you know? you’re not gonna see this, ever, probably, because you barely get on tumblr, but i’ll tell you to check it when you call me. i hope i remember. i miss you, baby. i miss you so much. all day long i was wishing that you were here. anyway, i don’t wanna start crying again. although, i think that if i started to cry, it would just be nothing, my eyes wouldn’t even leak, i don’t think i have anymore tears left. 

anyway, i miss you baby, and i just wanted you to know that i love you, and i will hopefully talk to you later. like i said ^^ i’m trying my hardest to stay awake, it’s really hard, but i’m trying. i miss you, and i love you. 

love, your babygirl<3

Hey babe this is your boyfriend. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you do not have a clue to how much you mean to me. You give me butterflies nonstop and you have made me believe in love. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much that words cannot describe how much i love you. You complete me in every single possible way. I do not know what i would do without you. You are perfect. You are my juliet. You are my princess. You are all mine. You are the only exception because everything is different with you and you have made me do and believe in all these things that no one could have ever made me done or believed in. I love you baby. You are my all mine. Best girlfriend in the whole universe. You cannot be compared to anyone else. I love you Kaitlyn Elizabeth Tobias <3

girlfriend here~

all up on your tumblr. 

i love you baby<3